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Getting There (car, train, coach, boat)

Belgrade is at a crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, which lead via the Morava-Vardar and Nišava-Marica valleys to the Aegean coast, to Asia Minor and the Middle East.

Belgrade lies on the Danube, a waterway connecting Western and Central European countries to the Southeastern and Eastern Europe. With the construction of the Đerdap artificial lake and hydroelectric power plant, Belgrade became a port for river and ocean-going vessels. Its harbour is visited by ships from the Black Sea, and with the opening of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, it became a central point of the most important waterway in Europe, connecting the North Sea, the Atlantic and the Black Sea.

By Car

Belgrade is situated at the crossroads of European highways E-70 and E-75. Foreign drivers in Serbia need to carry a national driving licence, registration document and insurance policy. Motor vehicles with foreign number plates are subject to road tolls.

Distance to Belgrade from European cities:

Amsterdam 1760 km
Athens 1090 km
Vienna 621 km
Berlin 1489 km
Bern 1361 km
Brussels 1702 km
Budapest 383 km
Bucurest 619 km
Istanbul 928 km
Copenhagen 2018 km
London 2073 km
Ljubljana 528 km
Munich 1020 km
Moscow 2211 km
Oslo 2577 km
Prague 901 km
Rome 1280 km
Sarajevo 325 km
Skopje 440 km
Sofia 380 km
Thessaloniki 700 km
Stockholm 2622 km
Warsaw 1115 km
Zagreb 390 km

By train

An extensive rail network connects Belgrade with all corners of Europe. The trains run 24 hours a day, every day.

Serbian Railways recognize the following discount schemes:

InterRail, EuroDomino, Rail Plus, Balkan Flexipass, Easy Travel Card, Euro<26, City Star and the Uniform Balkan Tariff. SERBIAN RAILWAYS
Nemanjina 6, tel. 3616-722

Belgrade Main Railway Station,
Savski trg 2
Call Centre 360-2899 (00-24)

Beograd Centre-Prokop Railway Station,
Prokopačka bb
Tel: 3244-428

Beograd Dunav Railway Station, Đure Đakovića 39
Tel: 763-768

Train ticket sales:
Putnik, Terazije 27, tel. 3239-818
Putnik, Dragoslava Jovanovića 1, tel. 3231-905
Rekreaturs, Dragoslava Jovanovića 3, tel. 3230-558
KSR, Milovana Milovanovića 5, tel. 2643-388
Wasteels, Savski trg 2, tel. 658-868
Putnik KMG, Karađorđeva 83, tel. 3614-787

By Coach

The two coach stations (BAS and Lasta) have a total of 80 departure platforms and 20 arrival platforms, with a daily turnover of more than 1,400 coaches.

Regular coach routes connect Belgrade with all parts of Serbia. International coach routes service neighbouring countries and most European countries.

Belgrade Coach Station
Železnička 4, switchboard 264-4455, fax 2659-480

Information and reservations

Domestic routes: Tel: 2636-299, 2623-170
Hours: 5:30 am to 10:00 pm
International routes:
BAS tourist, Železnička 4, Tel: 2627-146
Hours: 7 am to 8 pm
BAS tourist, Maršala Birjuzova 2, Tel: 2622-526
Hours: 8 am to 8 pm

Niški put 4, Tel: 2882-740, Fax: 2892-392
International services, Tel/Fax: 2882-364
Lasta coach station
Železnička 2, Tel: 3348-555
Hours: 24/7

Balkanska 47, Tel: 3620-255, Fax: 2686-602

Srbija Tours International
Lička 3, Tel: 361-9576, 361-1576, 361-4545, Fax: 361-8227

By Boat

Belgrade is located on two rivers: the Danube and the Sava. The number of foreign tourists coming to Belgrade by boat is ever increasing, as is the number of European companies organising Danube cruises to Belgrade.

The Port of Belgrade on the Danube is an important transport, loading and cargo centre in central Europe and a well-equipped passenger dock on the Sava River.

Port of Belgrade
Žorža Klemansoa 37, Tel: 2751-255
Belgrade Port Director’s Office
Karađorđeva 6, Tel: 202-9900, 202-9906

Sava Passenger Dock
Border crossing and Customs
Karađorđeva 6